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HEX Plus Camping Hot Tent with Wood Stove Jack 2-6 Person

HEX Plus Camping Hot Tent with Wood Stove Jack 2-6 Person

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  • Detail
    • Product Name: HEX Plus Camping Hot Tent with Wood Stove Jack 2-6 Person
    • Item NO.: PM051
    • Weight: 6.8 kg = 14.9914 lb = 239.8629 oz
    • Category: All
    • Tag: hot tent , tipi tent
    • Brand: POMOLY
    • Creation Time: 2020-03-09
    • 300D OXFORD CLOTH WITH SILVER COATED LAYER - This is Pomoly core advantage. More Waterproof, Anti-wear and tear-resistant, more durable, easy to clean and store, longer service life. Much warmer and secure in a camping adventure.
    • MOVABLE TOP CAP - You can remove the cap to exchange the air. More fresh air can improve your circulatory strain and pulse. Most importantly, it can reduce the burning smoke that stays inside the tent.
    • FIREPROOF STOVE JACK - With this part, you can use a wood stove in the tent. Outdoor cooking is a necessary skill for survival camping. Besides, a stove can ensure you a warm camping home during cold weather.
    • PRACTICAL TENT SKIRT - Placing rocks or soil on it can not only make the tent more stable but also make the tent more airtight, which prevents the cold air from entering the warm tent in winter.
    • TWO DOORS DESIGN - Opening two doors, you can get in or get out of the tent easily. This will definitely make you enjoy your cozy and lovely outdoor home.


    POMOLY HEX Plus Tipi Tent

    Improvement of HEX Plus tent in 2021:
    1. Replaced the stronger top webbing material, reducing the number of webbing to achieve the effect of weight reduction.

    2. The fabric is improved on the basis of the silver-coated 300D Oxford, which keeps the original characteristics while making the material softer. The new material has better toughness and improves the tear resistance of the tent.
    3. Use a more rigid aluminum alloy tent pole with a diameter of 28mm to avoid breaking in high winds. (The original one is a 25mm iron tent pole)
    4. The stove jack is changed from non-detachable to detachable, and the material is replaced with a better high-temperature resistant material.
    5. Improved the tent sewing process and waterproof glue treatment process.

    6. Use lighter and harder aluminum alloy tent pegs.

    For more information, please contact

    Capacity 2P with tent wood burning stove or 3-4P
    Stove Jack Heat resisting fabric (upgrade 2021)
    Snow Skirt 6 sides snow skirts
    Doors Two doors
    Tent Fabric 300D Oxford with silver coating layer
    Waterproof 3000MM+ Seaming and Gluing
    Floor Shape Regular Hexagon (Side length: 83 in / 210 cm)
    Floor Dimension 125.7 sq ft / 11.68 sq m
    Peak Height 102.4 inch / 8.53 feet / 260 cm
    Weight (Without Inner Tent) 13.2 lb / 6.0 kg
    Half inner or Mesh inner 3.6lb / 1.6kg or 4.4lb / 2.0kg
    Joint Treatment Seaming and Gluing
    Ventilation Top Vent and Bottom Vent
    Packed Size 24.8 x 5.9 x 5.9 in
    Color Green
    Season 4 Season (Especially in winter)

    How to use the stove jack of our teepee tent correctly?

    These tips are helpful to some experienced campers:
    1. Roll up the jack cover and fix it.
    Don't let the jack cover cloth touch the hot pipes. Ordinary tent cloth, such as our 300D oxford cloth, can't stand such a high pipe temperature. So you need to roll up the cover cloth and make sure it's far away from the hot pipe. 
    2. Make sure your pipes is in the center of the stove jack.
    You should try to make the stove pipes in the center of the jack hole by moving the stove position. And don't let the pipe touch any fabric. 
    3. Use branches to separate pipes and tent cloth.
    Some people may find it difficult to keep the stove pipes from touching the tent cloth by moving the stove position. In this case, you can use branches as barriers to separate them. 
    4. Make sure the tent doesn't shake.
    When you put the pipe in the center of the stove jack, don't be careless. If the tent shakes, it means the hot pipes may touch the tent cloth. To make the stove jack cloth last longer, you should protect it as well as possible.
    The important thing you need to know:
    The jack cloth is fireproof, but the stitched thread has no fire proof function. If you let the tent cloth too close to the hot pipe, it may cause the sewing thread to be burned off, which may cause damage to the tent.


    Regular care of your POMOLY teepee tent will ensure its optimal conditions and longer lifetime. We provide some basic cleaning suggestions for the teepee tent.
    1. Dirt removal - Please use a soft brush to clean the surface of the tent, including a snow skirt, floor mat, and an inner tent.
    2. Detergent - Please use a neutral detergent to clean the tent.
    3. Zippers - Please use soapy water to clean the zipper part.
    4. The tent can't be washed by the washing machine, or the coating and glue pressing of the tent will be damaged.
    5. Please do not use brushes and other hard objects to scrub the tent, otherwise, the waterproof coating on the outside of the tent will be damaged, thus damaging its waterproof performance.
    6. Regularly check the fixing points of the tent. If there is any stitching problem, please mend it in time and use the tent seam sealer for sealing.
    7. Once your tent is fully dry and there are no damp patches at all, you can roll or fold your clean, dry tent up carefully ready for storage. Making sure it’s completely clean and dry before packing your tent away ensure that no nasty mildew builds up while it’s in storage.

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Customer Reviews



Amazing tent. Well built and tough but a little heavy which is my only complaint and only reason it’s not 5 star.


This tent is well designed but missed ground pegs, the website states that there are 18 ground pegs, I only received 14 ground pegs.
Service:Sorry, this may be a mistake by our warehouse department. Please contact for help. Thank you for your support!




I have seen and read lots of reviews on this particular tent but I like something that I can look at in person. I took most reviewers' recommendations and made the purchase, I was not disappointed in any way. The quality and craftsmanship were top-notch and the setup was quite simple with the only learning curve trying to figure out was where to put the pegs before standing up the center pole. The pegs, guylines, and center pole were of solid construction and I believe the fabric will stand up for many years of use. I complimented the tent with the T-Brick Altay Winter Editon Stove. This is not a tent you would want backpacking into a location but for taking on the ATV, snowmobile, or truck, it's more than adequate. Don't hesitate to purchase this tent along with any other Pomoly products. They care about their products and the customers who buy them. I had a few little pieces missing and Pomoly replaced them without an issue. I made two videos on the tent, set up, and the first camping trip. Check out my YouTube Channel, BlueSea Bushcraft & Outdoors. Enjoy a hands-on look. Thank You Pomoly


Such an amazing tent. I am very happy with this purchase. Everyone compliments this tent as well. I was searching so long for something that would not leak or matter less if there was moisture. And this tent came through all the way. The inside tent is such a great add-on for this as well. I have used it many times. The last time it did thunderstorm out and I had to use the tent in the grass or ditch on the side of the spot for tents. This park had the brilliant idea to use gravel for the lot 😢. The tent pegs do not hold there so had to move into the ditch. Anyways water never went through the material. I even caused a dam with a good 4 inches of water against the side of the tent eventually going around my tent and even under the inner tent. There was a little stream of water going through but with the inside tent I was dry the whole night. Just terrified being so close to a lightning rod. . .


La conception et la fabrication sont irréprochables !
Produit de qualité, efficacité redoutable même en ce 1er Avril sous la neige!
Je recommande vivement 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍


Have to admit I haven’t used this tent in bitter weather yet, but got out and hauled it in with a pack and set it up for a few nights. It’s incredibly efficient and packs extremely well! Set up was a breeze. Pretty quiet too which was awesome. Cannot wait for harsh weather.


The Hex Plus is a roomy and well made hot tent. It is sturdy and has held up very well in bad weather.
Pomoly has fantastic customer service.
I’ve had concerns about the tent stakes that came with the tent. I feel that the stakes are too small and perhaps not strong enough for a large tent like the Hex Plus.
On my last trip I had to pitch the tent on icy/ hard ground. Several of the stakes bent or broke and I had to use guy line and rocks on most of the stake out points to have a successful tent set up as well as feeling safe to use my stove.
I reached out to Pomoly, sent a picture of the broken/bent stakes and without question they replaced the stakes with a bag of extremely heavy duty nail type stakes.
They are friendly and respond within 1-3 days to emails. Much appreciated.
I plan on using Pomoly for future purchases.
I also have the small Hussar hot tent and it is a fantastic shelter as well. I plan on using these hot tents for years to come.


This tent is nice, but I wish there were windows on all sides, so when you're inside, you can enjoy the view from every angle.


The quality of the construction seems good, but I really don't like the location of the chimney hole. It is to low on the wall and opening and closing the door or the weight of the snow piling up on the sides causes the pipe to move to much causing it to be loose. It would be good if you were to guy out the chimney, but I don't want to do that unles there is a storm expected or if I'm staying in one spot for a while.


Although it took me a while to set up this tent (first time myself) it was really cool.


Well made, it retains heat quite well and the adjustable roof cap works perfectly for ventilation. I have camped with many friends who tell me I'll freeze to death in below freezing temperatures and then end up drinking beer with me for a lot longer than they expected because its fun having a woodstove in a tent.


Was really surprised at the size of the Hex Plus. Even with the half inner installed there is plenty of room for the wood stove and all the gear. More than enough room for 2 people and a small child with gear in the half mesh inner. Definitely not backpacking this tent but it really feels high quality and a nice attention to detail is evident. Well worth the money spent. Wanting to add the cloth half inner when they come back into stock.


Iv got loads of pomoly stuff the standard is awesome, this tent for the price is unbelievable, so happy with it, loads of room and can stand up to any wether situation. Plus customer service is mega.
Service:Hi, thanks for your support. Beautiful spot. Enjoy it.


Looking forward to winter now , love this tent , I lower pole when pitched to attach top cowel and make sure i can vent/open easily by making sure its over door opening . Paired with the tarp its great as it attaches through cowel vent , great quality
Service:Hi, thanks for your support.


This tent is so perfect. A lot of space , well made and so easy to setup. With a wood stove it’s the paradise. I really love it . Thank you pomoly 🏕


A beautiful tent the hex plus the material is very good and size is perfect for 3/4 people if using no stove but with stove even 3 i would get in. The wind rope i would recommend it should be a darker color because my white one that came with tent is already mukky. A dark green or dark brown would look way better.
I haven't still got a chance to fully use it because of lockdown but will show a full video when i do.

Overall so far this has to be the best looking tent i have bought, i got very nice comments on the tent too. I would definitely buy from pomoly again and there delivery to Ireland was top 10/10.
Service:Hello, I will submit your suggestion to the manager. Thanks for your support.


Excellent tent !
I originally ordered the “hex 2-4 man” tent but found that with my body size “6’3” 270lbs” maneuvering in and out of the tent while running the wood stove was a bit difficult. This is no fault of the tent as I later ordered the “hex plus” tent and its perfect.
The material is good quality and design is very well thought out. Just note if you are tall and wide in the chest shoulder area buy the right one the first time and get the hex plus.


Assembled easily and blocks out wind and cold really well. Well insulated and holds heat in way better than I expected it too. Would recommend if you want a hot tent!


chinese made tent is not the same as the lone wolf video which tests the 4to6 man tent. Pegs differ and the material. I am concerned that the tent i bought is made of non correct type material.
also cant get a reply from Pomoly at all.

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