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How Do I Choose Pomoly's Oxford Tent, Cotton Tent, and Nylon Tent?

Jan 20, 2022

First, we classify Pomoly's tent by fabric.

Oxford Tent: Hex hot  tent series, Manta hot  tent series, Fort series. 
Cotton Tent: Yarn hot tent series, Peak tent series, Fort TC series.
Nylon Tent: Hussar tent series, Stovehut hot tent series, Chalet series.

Next, we know more about how to choose these hot tent fabrics from several aspects.

1. Wear-resistance

The wear resistance of the Oxford tent with stove and cotton tent is great. Mild friction will not damage the Oxford tent and the cotton tent. The wear-resistance of nylon is weaker than these two fabrics. Nylon tents may wear when dragged on the ground.

2. Elastic Force

The elasticity of the Oxford tent with stove jack is relatively hard and will not deform easily. The elasticity of the nylon tents is easier to stretch than that of Oxford tents. The reason is that the thickness of the nylon tent is relatively thin. The stretch of the cotton tent is the best among the three tents. So when you use a nylon tent for a long time, the tent may be at risk of deformation.

3. Tear-resistance

Oxford camping hot tent and cotton tent have good tear-resistance. Since both fabrics are thick, they will not be damaged under acceptable pulling. However, because the nylon fabric is thin, there is a risk of tearing. Please don't pull the nylon tent hard.

4. Air permeability

Advanced air permeability is the advantage of cotton tents. Nylon fabric came second. Oxford fabric has almost no breathable function.

5. Condensation

Among the three kinds of fabrics, the most slight condensation phenomenon is the cotton tent, followed by the nylon tent, and Oxford fabric is the most serious condensation phenomenon. If the temperature inside and outside the winter hot tent changes significantly, it will inevitably lead to condensation. Maintaining ventilation can reduce this problem.

6. Comfort

Whether it is summer or winter, People feel most comfortable living in cotton tents. In winter, the Oxford tent is more comfortable than the nylon tent. Nylon is more comfortable than Oxford in summer.

7. Portability

The portability of the nylon hot tent is the best. Oxford hot tent is heavier than nylon hot tent. It takes more effort for people to carry Oxford tents. Cotton tents are the heaviest. In general, Oxford tent and cotton tent are suitable for car camping.

8. Warmth Function

Oxford winter tent with stove keeps warm best in winter. Cotton also has an excellent warm performance. Nylon tents are generally warm. In order to sleep comfortably, it is best to use warm sleeping bags when camping in winter.

9. Maintenance

The maintenance of Oxford cloth and nylon tents is easy for people. You just need to wash the tent and dry it to store. The cotton hot  tent needs to be cleaned and often dried in the sun to prevent mildew. And cotton tents need to be stored in a ventilated and dry place.

10. Service life

Oxford hot tents and cotton hot tents have a long service life. But cotton hot tent needs more time to maintain. There are many branches in the outdoor jungle. These branches may cut the nylon tent. Therefore, the service life of nylon hot tents is generally shorter than that of other camping hot tents.

Through the summary and analysis of some of the above features, We can choose the ultralight hot tentfabric we need according to our personal needs. You can check Pomoly's website and choose Oxford cloth camping hot tent, cotton hot tent, and nylon hot tent.

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