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How To Be A POMOLY Dealer

May 27, 2022

We are committed to providing high-quality camping products for outdoor camping enthusiasts. We have developed our brand all over the world. We are recruiting POMOLY Global Store Distributors now. If you love camping/are interested in camping, welcome to become our dealer.


We are a group of camping enthusiasts, and this company is also a group of young people. We have no legendary story, no exciting development process, and no full support from celebrities. We just designed a teepee product and found a group of people who like it. So we improved the teepee hot tent and hope more people like it. This is our story. It's simple but it's real.

Requirements for becoming a POMOLY dealer

1. You have one or more stores selling camping products.
2. The total value of the MOQ should not be less than $5000.
3. Camping knowledge and skills
4. Send store photos to

Also, you need to submit a POMOLY dealer application.

If you have any questions, please contact

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