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LumberJack Fastfold Titanium Tent Wood Stove is coming

Sep 20, 2022

Hey guys, thank you very much for liking and supporting Pomoly. We are so excited to introduce your our latest product, Pomoly LumberJack Fastfold Titanium Tent Wood Stove, which will be launched on Kickstarter at 9:00 AM EST, 21st Sept.

Live on Kickstarter, get one LumberJack at a cost-effective price!
✅ Portable +Fast-fold
✅ 100% Titanium Material
✅ Detachable Assembled Chimney
✅ Gourmet Mode with Oven
✅ Barbecue Mode
✅ Firewood Rack Base

✅ Extensible Shelves

With the modular design and all the structures, it is made to be swiftly assembled and disassembled. Including folding the firebox into the base and packing every part into the carrying bag we offer.

Pomoly LumberJack is practical and compact. It can not only cook and even have a barbecue, bringing you a different camping experience. Get one LumberJack for the coming winter and enjoy the cozy hot tent adventures!

Campaign will start on Kickstarter at 9:00 AM EST, 21st Sept, subscribe to the campaign on Kickstarter. 


You will be informed immediately when we launch it. Look forward to seeing you there!

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