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Lonewolf902 Hammock Hot Tarp | Canvas Hot Shelter for Hammock Camping | Lonewolf902 Design

Lonewolf902 Hammock Hot Tarp | Canvas Hot Shelter for Hammock Camping | Lonewolf902 Design

US$ 265.00
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    • Product Name: Lonewolf902 Hammock Hot Tarp | Canvas Hot Shelter for Hammock Camping | Lonewolf902 Design
    • Item NO.: H1001
    • Weight: 5.5 kg = 12.1254 lb = 194.0068 oz
    • Category: LoneWolf902
    • Tag: Hammock Hot Tarp , Hot Hammock
    • Creation Time: 2021-05-22
    • TARP SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR HAMMOCK - Designed by lone wolf, this hammock tarp is produced and sold by pomoly. You can easily set your hammock inside the sky curtain to enjoy the fun of hammock camping. This tarp can not only provide a warm and comfortable shelter, but also provide shelter for their camping and ensure the safety of camping.
    • DESIGN WITH STOVE JACK - The hammock tarp is designed with pomoly fireproof stove jack. This ensures that the campers can not only cook delicious food in the tent, but also provide comfortable and warm space for the campers in winter.
    • DESIGN OF OPEN ENTRANCE - For the entrance of the hammock, we have carried out a variety of design considerations, but finally adopted the open entrance. There is no traditional zipper door design. Campers only need to cross and fix the left and right walls of the tarp to the middle, which can play the role of wind and rain proof doors. The open entrance enhances the camping experience and diy fun.
    • DESIGN OF NON STRUT - The tarp is designed based on the hammock, so lonewolf and we do not use any braces, but instead use a top rope and multiple wind ropes to build and fix the tarp. This reduces the weight of camping. In addition, the height of the rope ensures that there is enough space in the sky tarp.
    • SOFT AND BREATHABLE CANVAS FABRIC - We used pomoly's unique blend canvas as tent material. Based on 70% cotton and 30% polyester, this fabric provides comfortable softness and good air permeability. These features also help to reduce condensation inside the tent.

    Estimated Delievery Time: 5-7 days, Free Shipping Worldwide!

    About Lonewolf902 Hammock Hot Tarp

    Designed by Jeremy in 2020, he loves hammock camping and winter camping, he has 

    always wanted to make such a two-in-one camping tarp, we helped him realize this plan and 

    we tried many materials, silicone nylon, Oxford cloth, canvas, and found that canvas 

    can keep a balance between heat preservation and ventilation.This hammock tent will be your good choice.

    1. Canvas Hammock Tarp & Hot Tent: A hot tent designed by Lonewolf902 for winter hammock 

    camping, compatible with most of tent wood stoves and all kinds of camping hammocks. 

    2. Large Size: 14.7ft x (5.9-6.2)ft x (6.2-6.56)ft  /  4.5m x (1.8-1.9)m x (1.9-2)m.

    According to different set up heights, th area of the tent can be adjusted at will, which 

    is more suitable for uneven ground in the wild.

    3. Durable Canavs Fabric: 70%Cotton + 30Polyster, 1500mm waterproof rating, 
    this fabric 

    will not be scalded by sparks from the stove chimney easily. It can also be repaired when it is scratched 

    or scalded, which is suitable for long-term use.

    4. Ventilation and heat preservation: It's suitable for 4 season camping. In the case of 

    heat preservation, the breathable fabric will not cause the inside of the tent to be very stuffy.

    Capacity / Seasons  1-2 Person / 4 Season
    Tent Fabric Canvas (30% Polyester + 70% Cotton)
    Waterproof 1500mm
    Tarp Size Suqare (14.7 x 14.7ft / 4.5 x 4.5m)
    Weight 12 lbs / 5.5 kg
    Joint Treatment Seamed
    Color Khaki
    Stove Jack High Temperature Resistance


    Lonewolf902 Hammock Hot Tarp

    7 STRAND CORE (550 PARACORD) 98.4ft/30m

    Tarp Peg x 12

    Guy-line x 8

    Detachable Stove Jack

    Canvas Tarp Bag

    Each side 6 guy out points

    Increase wind-resistant performance and internal space

    8 Guy out points on the ground

     Detachable stove jack / Chimney cover

    Peg out points reinforced

    Resistance to tearing and stretching

    Large side door for easy access/Large inner space

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Lonewolf902 Hammock Hot Tarp | Canvas Hot Shelter for Hammock Camping | Lonewolf902 Design
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