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Rhombus Hammock Hot Tarp | Lonewolf902 Canvas Hot Shelter for Hammock Camping

Rhombus Hammock Hot Tarp | Lonewolf902 Canvas Hot Shelter for Hammock Camping

US$ 279.99
Green Khaki

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Rhombus Hammock Hot Tarp | Lonewolf902 Canvas Hot Shelter for Hammock Camping
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Customer Reviews



tested it with a sudden flash freeze at minus 30 degree celsius (-22F) and it hold up better than me for multiple day unattended (mostly)
i try it with a hammock and also just a cot witch are bot great and i cant wait to try more classic tarp setup for fun even if it not design for this
My only 2 minor issue i got are than i order the khaki one but got the wrong color (still love it) and i bent 2 of the stake in the icy ground had to replace all of them with paracord and bigger stake (im a beginner so can be my fault too)


Shipment was fast and the product is perfect. Just had my first night out with it


Shipping was so fast. I think it was maybe 4 days of order to arrive here to finland. I have now tried the product the hole weekend with a T1 stove ant this tent was just perfect. I might buy few carabiners to make the assebly faster


Simply awesome! This thing is super durable and of a great design. I love how there's no zippers or buttons to have to deal with and that makes it extremely versatile


Such a nice tent, WoW, I love it so much. Good quality, thank you very much


Incredible shelter. When I first saw that one on LoneWolfs YT channel I instantly knew that this is the missing link between my hammock Setup and my appreciation of canvas tents. Whenever my family is staying in our Tentipi I was going „offgrid“ with hammock and tarp…..this changes now. Outstanding quality, good price, perfect service and delivery. Thumbs up.


I have to express how happy i was with my first time using the Rhombus hammock hot tent designed by Jeremy Lone Wolf 902 and purchased through Pomoly. This shelter was everything i had expected from doing my research and looking for a long lasting tent. The canvas fabric is the perfect durability and i have the confidence it will last a lifetime just like Jeremy stated in his video. No worrying about zippers failing or freezing. I bought a few clamps to close it up on the ends a little more just like someone recommended to me. I also created my own style adjustable tieout clips so i can detach them and place them where i need them without having to leave them tied to the rings. Nothing wrong with the lines that were provided just my preference. The price is perfect for the quality of this hammock tent. I hope to purchase a stove for my next trip. Now a few of my other fellow winter camp friends want one. Customer support was excellent whenever i reached out to them. Thank you Pomoly and Jeremy!


After watching the youtube videos of Lone Wolf 902 I have been waiting for this product. We will use it in combination with our Land Rover Defender 110 on our trip to Finland in March 2022.


If you go camping 1-3 times a year like me, this tent is the right choice.


All parts fit easily into a handbag and the whole system is very lightweight, like a backpacker...


What a Kickass shelter. This tent/tarp is made of high quality materials and craftmanship, The design of which (Jeremy Wolf) It was so well thought out, it will shock you. You know that tactile feeling you get when you unbox a new piece of gear and the quality and design is way better than expected? I totally got this feeling.

I made this purchase after watching LoneWolf 902's YouTube videos. And would probably not have made this purchase without them, . . . and LW902's input. He does a phenomenal job balancing filming, producing and answering viewers/customers unending product questions. Jeremy is an asset to your company, Pomoly.
The best part of this shelter is its versatility. I can think of at least 10 ways to set it up for different scenarios environments.
The support staff at Pomoly are also good at answering questions/ queries (Amy/Celine).
I tested this out on a weekend near Bancoft Ontario at -7C. Over the course of the weekend I tried many different layouts and was pleased with all of them. And over the course on the weekend I started likeing the tent more and more.
I didn't need a new stove, but because I was so utterly impressed with the quality of this tent, Pomoly EARNED themselves yet another sale, I purchased the T-Brick just this week, I never would have made this additional costly purchase without being blown away by the hammock tent. Great Job Polomy.
If you are on the fence about buying this tent just do it, You wont be sorry. I used an 11 foot hammock in it and there was still room for a cot.
If you have any consumer questions and want an unbiased answer feel free to slip me a message,
Joshua Scudds
near Toronto, Ontario


I used the hammock tent and stove while fishing in Canada ,borrowed from a guide due to the cabin being destroyed on a fly in trip. The week using this equipment saved the adventure.The weather was poor,the fishing great and I did not really miss the comfort of a structure much The fly over a hammock with the stove below was remarkable,slept toasty each night,used the stove to cook Very.remarkable. Thinking now of winter camping.


Just ordered one. I've been waiting for the release of these.

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