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TAISOCA Titanium Oven Stove | Tent Wood Stove with Oven

TAISOCA Titanium Oven Stove | Tent Wood Stove with Oven

US$ 799.00
Titanium Rolling Chimney
No Chimney 6.56ft / 200cm 8.2ft / 250cm 9.84ft / 300cm
Titanium Non Rolling Section Chimney
No Chimney 4.3ft / 131cm 5.38ft / 164cm 6.43ft / 196cm 7.48ft / 228cm 8.53ft / 260cm 9.58ft / 292cm 10.6ft / 324cm 11.7ft / 356cm 12.7ft / 388cm
Customized Requirements
  • Detail
    • The picture is a prototype of the product, and the mass production version is being optimized and upgraded.

    New Member from POMOLY.

    T1 TAISOCA titanium oven stove.

    Delivery Time: Nov.

    Official Statement: 

    All customers who bought Taisoca products on the crowdfunding platform cannot get Pomoly's service and support. Because Pomoly has not sold any products on the crowdfunding platform. The Taisoca stove sold on the platform are infringing products. The thief stole our oven stove prototype for crowdfunding sales. At this time, we are testing the function and the safety of the product, and we are improving the details of the product. Therefore, the Taisoca Oven Stove sold by Pomoly are better in detail designs, quality and safety than infringing stoves. If you bought a fake product, please complain and refund to the crowdfunding platform. Support genuine products.

    Complaint Progress

    We complained to KickStarter about the infringing Taisoca stove product. KickStarter suspended the product for four days. Then they opened the crowdfunding page of the product again. We contacted KickStarter and asked for help, but they did NOT reply to our email. We believe that it is very disappointing for such a crowdfunding platform to publicly sell infringing products. In addition, they don't consider that customers can't get the after-sales guarantee of purchased products, which is very irresponsible. Now KickStarter is unwilling to communicate the infringing products with us, and we didn't get any reply for 8 days. We hope that more customers will not buy this Taisoca product on KickStarter. Because our trademarks and patents are enough to defeat infringers. The infringer will not be able to provide any after-sales guarantee for the buyers, no accessories, no refund, no return, no update and no upgrade. That's depressing.

    We spent some time to upgrade our Taisoca Oven Stove. This Newest version is much more practical and durable.


    T1 TAISOCA Titanium Oven Stove

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TAISOCA Titanium Oven Stove | Tent Wood Stove with Oven
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