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Teepee Tent (19)

Teepee tents play an integral role in outdoor camping, and their iconic shape is favored by most outdoor adventurers. pomoly brings campers a wide range of teepee tents in high-strength fabric materials including oxford, canvas, and nylon, which use lighter but stronger poles and a number of designs that enhance camping portability.

Our teepee tents come with stove jacks for wood stoves, so you and your family can use them comfortably in all seasons.

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Features of our Teepee tents:


our teepee tents are all coated with a waterproof coating that can withstand a minimum of 3000mm of precipitation, and together with the wood stove can keep the interior dry for long periods of time in heavy rain or snow.


Our teepee tents are designed to provide warmth, especially during colder seasons. The inclusion of stove jacks allows you to install a wood stove inside the tent, creating a cozy and comfortable environment. The stove effectively heats the interior, ensuring that you and your family stay warm even in chilly weather. With our teepee tents, you can enjoy camping trips throughout the year, knowing that you have a reliable source of warmth to keep you comfortable.

Moisture resistant: 

Moisture can be a concern in camping tents, as it can lead to discomfort and even mold growth. Our teepee tents are specially designed to be moisture resistant. The high-strength fabric materials, coupled with the waterproof coating, prevent moisture from seeping into the tent, keeping the interior dry and comfortable. This feature helps to maintain a pleasant camping experience, free from the dampness often associated with prolonged exposure to moisture.


Condensation can be a nuisance in tents, leading to a damp and uncomfortable environment. Our teepee tents are constructed with materials and designs that minimize condensation buildup. The breathable fabric allows for airflow, reducing the chances of condensation forming on the interior walls. This feature helps to maintain a comfortable and dry atmosphere inside the tent, promoting a better night's sleep and overall camping experience.

Long-lasting durability: 

Our teepee tents are built to withstand the rigors of outdoor camping. We use high-strength fabric materials such as oxford, canvas, and nylon, which are known for their exceptional durability. The sturdy construction and reinforced stitching ensure that our tents can withstand harsh weather conditions and frequent use, making them a long-term investment for your camping adventures.

Inner Tent:

Our teepee can be purchased with a matching inner tent, the reason for designing an inner tent is that some campers choose to camp in wet and muddy conditions, and may be infested with mosquitoes on arrival night, while using an inner tent can prevent mosquitoes from intruding and insulate the wet ground to keep you comfortable.

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