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TIMBER Wolf Ultralight Tent Stove Titanium for Solo Camping | Lonewolf 902 Signature | 2021 Version

TIMBER Wolf Ultralight Tent Stove Titanium for Solo Camping | Lonewolf 902 Signature | 2021 Version

US$ 405.00
Stove pipe
6.56ft / 2m 9.84ft / 3m

  • Detail
    • ULTRALIGHT - The weight of the TR tent stove we launched is 5lb, and based on this product we designed and produced the mini version of this TR tent wood stove. This small tent stove weighs only 4.4 lb. In addition to its light weight, it can be easily placed in a backpack due to its smaller size after storage.
    • ANTI-DEFORMATION DESIGN - We attach great importance to the design and optimization of the anti-deformation of the titanium stove. We have already tested and improved the TR mini hot tent stove many times to greatly reduce the deformation of the stove after combustion. For example, the top panel adopts a multi-module splicing design, and the stove pipe base adopts a three-screw fixed design.
    • VISUAL WINDOWS - Although in pursuit of the portability of the product, we only kept a piece of fire-resistant and high-temperature resistant glass on the front door of the stove, but this piece of transparent glass can still ensure that campers appreciate the beating flames in the stove. In addition, you can also check the burning situation of the wood at any time, and add the burning wood to the stove in time.
    • REMOVABLE STRUCTURE - The detachable and assembleable structure not only facilitates the cleaning and maintenance of various parts, but also facilitates the storage and carrying of the product. So we adopted this design structure. In addition, this process of assembling the parts and modules into a usable stove also greatly increases the sense of practice and experience of camping.
    • TITANIUM MATERIAL - After testing a variety of materials, we chose high-quality titanium to make Pomoly's TR series portable stove. For outdoor enthusiasts who pursue lightweight camping, you must be very familiar with titanium products. Titanium materials have many advantages, such as light weight, high hardness, and no corrosion. Therefore, products made from it as a material generally have higher value and longer service life.

    Lonewolf 902 x TIMBER Wolf Stove

    Ultralight Titanium Wood Stove

    TIMBER WOLF tent stove 

    Signature Lonewolf 902

    Improves fatigue resistance of metal

    0.6mm GR1 MATERIAL
    Corrosion and rust resistance, Better Plasticity and Toughness.
    0.6mm material will change in shape and color after use but functionality will not be affected.


    Observe the burning situation

    Over 3000°F / 1678℃

    tent wood stove PIPE
    Length: 9.5in Roll up, 6.56ft(2m)

    Suitable for other Titanium pipes

    Control the intensity of the wood burning

    Control wood burning rate

    Prevent smoke and leakage

    Suitable for backpacking

    Stove Type Camping Tent Wood Stove
    Carrying Weight (With 3m stovepipe) 4.9 lb / 2.2 kg
    Folding Dimension 11.8 x 7.9 x 1.6 in (30 x 20 x 4 cm)
    Stove Body Dimension 11.8 x 7.9 x 6.3 in (30 x 20 x 16 cm)
    Assembly Dimension 11.8 x 7.9 x 9.8 in (30 x 20 x 25 cm)
    Glass Size 4.7 x 2 in (12 x 5 cm)
    Pipe Length (roll into) 9.5 in / 24 cm
    Pipe Length 6.56ft / 2m
    Pipe Diameter 2.36 in / 6 cm
    Weight 4.4 lb / 2 kg
    Material 0.6 mm Thickness Titanium (GR1/TA1)
    Part Stainless Steel 304
    Spark Arrestor Yes


    TIMBER Wolf Stove

    Titanium stovepipe

    Spark Arrestor

    Built-in Smoke Damper

    Cut Resistant Gloves

    tent stove Bag

    The Best way to roll up titanium chimney:

    Integrated Damper
    Adjust the air flow exiting the hot tent stove
    Control the intensity of the wood burning

    Two-Piece Top Cover Connection
    Reduce the degree of deformation

    Collapsible Legs
    Connective legs provide a stable base for the tent stove

    Sliding Intake Control
    Control wood burning rate

    Front Fireproof Glass
    Observe the burning situation
    Glass window for ambiance

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TIMBER Wolf Ultralight Tent Stove Titanium for Solo Camping | Lonewolf 902 Signature | 2021 Version
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Customer Reviews



I finally got to use this stove in the backcountry of Colorado on an elk hunt. This stove is amazing. The draw and dampers work great, it's easy to set up and combined with my tee pee tent, I was able to stay 15 days without the desire to head back to town. This stove is a game changer for me. I've never been this comfortable in the backcountry. This stove heats things up soooo quick!


Selection of your stove should be based on the type of use you are planning. I think this one is great for solo backpacking with a base camp or backpacking with two people in a small shelter.

It is a bit fiddly to installed compared with a hinges design, more wood processing due to the small size, a bit of warping since the titanium is thin.

All of those tradeoff are meant to make it light and compact to carry. 5 stars deserved for what this stove is meant to be.


Poêle très léger, robuste et vraiment efficace ! Chauffe parfaitement ma tente Hex plus, et pourtant il neige en ce 1er Avril ! Merci à Pomoly pour votre travail. La conception, la fabrication et même la livraison, tout est parfait. Je recommande 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍


Great light weight stove packs small but still big enough for good size firewood
The draw off the stove is excellent and the dampers work well.


If it were a little bigger, it would be a great small stove. It's good to use it in a tent. That's what it's used for.


Waited a long time to purchase a titanium collapsible woodstove. Happy with my choice. Now waiting for a new Pomoly release hot tent.


This.. is the only company,to be doing hot tent stove business with...I was so impressed,I purchased a Dweller stove for my personal RV installation.... the unit heats a 33 foot,3 slide trailer....


Do what it should do and put everything in a black bag.


Love the stove. Excellent company to work with. I've made other purchases since, with delivery from China., All first class customer service and product


Lightweight. Tough. Very warm. Easy to put together. Love this stove. Great design. Can't really improve any Pomoly stove.
Service:Hello, It's our pleasure that you like our products. Thanks for your support.


Amazing workmen ship. I have zero complaints this thing is built to last! Very high quality, would recommend to anyone! Jeremy's fine tuning he did to this stove made it absolutely perfect!

Well done to everyone at pomoly, and especially Amy for always being there to answer any and all questions. Will definitely be ordering more products in the future


I think it’s a great stove I can’t think of any way to improve it. I would definitely recommend it to friends and others

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