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Home>Hot Tents>All Hot Tents>All>STOVEHUT 70 3.0 New Version Camping Hot Tent | 4 Season Shelter for Bushcrafter | POMOLY New Arrival 2023
STOVEHUT 70 3.0 New Version Camping Hot Tent | 4 Season Shelter for Bushcrafter | POMOLY New Arrival 2023

STOVEHUT 70 3.0 New Version Camping Hot Tent | 4 Season Shelter for Bushcrafter | POMOLY New Arrival 2023

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Sunset Yellow
Fireproof Ground Sheet
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Two Tarp Poles
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  • Detail
    • Product Name: STOVEHUT 70 3.0 New Version Camping Hot Tent | 4 Season Shelter for Bushcrafter | POMOLY New Arrival 2023
    • Item NO.: PM048
    • Weight: 2.6 kg = 5.7320 lb = 91.7123 oz
    • Category: Hot Tents > All Hot Tents > All
    • Brand: POMOLY
    • Creation Time: 2021-10-01
    • Backer Shelter Style - 4 Season Buchcraft shelter for Survivalists.
    • Easy Setup - Using two walking poles or paracord to set up.
    • 70D Ripstop Polyester Fabric with PU 2500mm Waterproof Rating.
    • DIY Stove Jack - You can make the stovepipe cross through the DIY stove jack cloth and use a wood stove in thebest hot tent.

    STOVEHUT 70  3.0

    The new Stovehut 70 3.0 version feature a detachable snow skirt and redesigned vent with waterproof zipper, we can close the vent in the cold weather to keep the temperature inside the hot tents. The outer walls of the vents are made of double-layered fabrics and reinforced with waterproof glue to enhance the waterproofness of the tent's seams. Two waterproof glues are added to the front and back of the top ridge of the hot tent for sale to further enhance the waterproof performance. In addition, we added two guy-line points in the stove area to improve wind resistance while preventing snow from gravitationally squeezing the best hot tents surface and touching the stove. (For more upgrade information, please read the detailed description below)

    70D tear-resistant material to find a balance between durability and lightness. For hikers or backpackers, two trekking poles or two tree and one paracord can set up STOVEHUT 70, which is undoubtedly very convenient.

    With the stove, we can open the front tarp door and side nets while making coffee while enjoying the snow scene.

    Each STOVEHUT 70 shelter comes with a DIY heat-material stove jacks, which are used for different diameter chimneys. Only need to cut a cross-shaped incision with knife. 

    stovehut 70

    Tips: The color of the tent with stove fabric under different light is different, subject to the actual object. The hot tent poles in the picture are trekking poles.

    Capacity 1-2P with wood stove
    Stove Jack DIY heat resisting
    Snow Skirt No snow skirts
    Doors 3 Doors
    hot tents Fabric PU 70D Ripstop Polyester
    Waterproof Rating 2500mm, Heat Taped Waterproof Seaming
    Floor Shape Irregular
    Sleeping Area 35.5 sq ft / 3.3 sq m
    Peak Height 4.1 feet / 125 cm
    Weight (Without Poles) 6.7 lb /3 kg
    Ventilation Bottom Controllable Vent
    Packed Size (L*W*D) 46x17x15 cm / 18.1x6.7x5.9 in
    Color Sunset Yellow
    Season 4 Season (Especially in winter)

    Package Includes:

    STOVEHUT 70 3.0

    Stove jack

    Tent pegs


    Stuff Sack

    hot tents Bag

    2 Hot Tent Poles (Option)

    2 Tarp Poles (Option)

    Detachable Snow Skirt

    Side Rain Curtain

    The rain curtain can prevent rainwater from entering the hot hot tent for sale at the moment of opening the side door. 

    Cloth and Mesh Doors

    The double layer design takes into account mosquito prevention and air permeability.

    Guy-lines Points On the Back and Bottom

    Maximize tent with stove jack space by stretching tent rear with guy-lines.

    Adjustable Camping Hot Tent Stake Points

    New design: Controllable Bottom ventilation and waterproof zipper

    The Stovehut 70 2.0 version feature a redesigned bottom vent with waterproof zipper, we can close the vent in the cold weather to keep the temperature inside the tent. The outer walls of the vents are made of double-layered fabrics and reinforced with waterproof glue to further enhance the waterproofness of the tent's seams. Due to the bottom vent is close to the ground, we can properly close the vent in rainy days to prevent rainwater dripping on the ground from splashing onto the mesh (depending on the rainfall and external environment).

    In addition, we added two guy-line points in the stove area to improve wind resistance while preventing snow from gravitationally squeezing and touching the stove.

    Adjustable Windshield

    Lantern Hanging Hook

    Two Pull Points and Three Roll-up Fasteners at the top

    The hot tent can be secured under the two trees by extra paracord ropes, and the front tarp can be rolled up by 3 fasteners.

    Two Independent Roll-up Loops

    You can open the outer door for better ventilation, or you can open the mesh door and place the shoes in the storage corner.

    Winter Hot Tent Stove Area

    We left much space for the stove so that we can store more firewood and cookware.

    Tip: Use two trekking poles to build in a triangle shape to prevent the poles from blocking your view. (As shown below)

    Grommeted Reinforced Stitching Pull Points

    2500MM Waterproof Performance

    Inverted T-shaped Independent Snag-free YKK Zippers

    The side space can be used for shoes and other gears

    How to use the stove jack correctly?

    These tips are helpful to some experienced campers:
    1. Roll up the jack cover and fix it.
    Don't let the jack cover cloth touch the hot pipes. Ordinary tent cloth, such as our 300D oxford cloth, can't stand such a high pipe temperature. So you need to roll up the cover cloth and make sure it's far away from the hot pipe. 
    2. Make sure your pipes is in the center of the stove jack.
    You should try to make the stove pipes in the center of the jack hole by moving the stove position. And don't let the pipe touch any fabric. 
    3. Use branches to separate pipes and winter tent with stove cloth.
    Some people may find it difficult to keep the stove pipes from touching the winter tent with wood stove cloth by moving the stove position. In this case, you can use branches as barriers to separate them. 
    4. Make sure the best winter tent with stove doesn't shake.
    When you put the pipe in the center of the stove jack, don't be careless. If the tent shakes, it means the hot pipes may touch the hot tent cloth. To make the stove jack cloth last longer, you should protect it as well as possible.
    The important thing you need to know:
    The jack cloth is fireproof, but the stitched thread has no fire proof function. If you let the lightweight hot tent cloth too close to the hot pipe, it may cause the sewing thread to be burned off, which may cause damage to the hot tents.


    Regular care of your POMOLY teepee tent will ensure its optimal conditions and longer lifetime. We provide some basic cleaning suggestions for the teepee tent.
    1. Dirt removal - Please use a soft brush to clean the surface of the tipi hot tent , including a snow skirt, floor mat, and an inner tent.
    2. Detergent - Please use a neutral detergent to clean the hot tents.
    3. Zippers - Please use soapy water to clean the zipper part.
    4. The tipi tent with stove can't be washed by the washing machine, or the coating and glue pressing of the tent will be damaged.
    5. Please do not use brushes and other hard objects to scrub the ultralight hot tent , otherwise, the waterproof coating on the outside of the tent will be damaged, thus damaging its waterproof performance.
    6. Regularly check the fixing points of the hot tent. If there is any stitching problem, please mend it in time and use the backpacking hot tent seam sealer for sealing.
    7. Once your hot tentsis fully dry and there are no damp patches at all, you can roll or fold your clean, dry backpacking tent with stove jack up carefully ready for storage. Making sure it’s completely clean and dry before packing your tent away ensure that no nasty mildew builds up while it’s in storage.

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STOVEHUT 70 3.0 New Version Camping Hot Tent | 4 Season Shelter for Bushcrafter | POMOLY New Arrival 2023
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Customer Reviews



Hi! When are you delivery my tent?
Service:Hi Denis, sorry, the STOVEHUT 70 hot tent is out of stock, and we indicate the package preparation time on the website. Once the STOVEHUT 70 hot tent is in stock, we will send it to you immediately. Thank you for your understanding and support.


2432Çok teşekkür ederim ürün çok güzel ve YouTube videoları için aldım çok faydalı ama gümrük ücreti geldi ama sessiz kaldım çünkü belki pomoly ilerde sponsor olur :) yaptığım videonun kanal linki 3 hafta içinde yayınlanacak: teşekkürler


I tried this tent on a few hikes now, and find the zippers are often stuck in to the tent material. Can be a little annoying in very cold weather with frozen fingers.
Tent does the job and protect you from the elements, and its nice with a wood stove.


Lovely tent a few gripes with it, firstly the doors don't zip closed along the bottom that includes the side panel that coverts to a canopy, the floor of the tent is ths same thin material as the rest of the tent over time this well wear through, I have the groundsheet but the material will still wear. The advertised weight of the tent & other pieces are not correct the tent weighs 3.2kg the poles & groundsheet around 1kg each.
Aside from these issues I'm happy with my purchase I also think it's priced correctly


Mine is 100% Waterproof and resist even storm. I will buy the Dome as next step.


Well, Pomoly clearly rectified the leak issues with the 2.0 version of this tent. I have had it out a couple of times with no leaking whatsoever in inclement weather. The tent is very roomy for one person but could easily accommodate two. One cot will fit nicely in the tent with some room to spare. The craftsmanship, sewing, and material are very good on this tent and all items pack neatly in the provided carry bag. It comes with a great stove jack which you cut yourself. I just used the chimney cap and traced a hole in the jack and cut the circle out. I really like the layout and it reminds me of when I was in boy scouts and used pup tents., where this one has numerous tie-outs. I love the flexibility in regard to setting up the tent. You can use the poles which can be purchased, hiking poles, or ridgeline to support the tent. The provided pegs I felt were sufficient with the Sheppard hook-type design. I don't think they would hold up to real hard ground though. Using my T-brick Altay Winter Stove kept me very warm and cozy, being well over 30 degrees celsius at times. I purchased the ground sheet which complemented the tent perfectly providing an extra moisture barrier and protection from coals the fire may throw. The only thing I noted was some sweating inside which is not uncommon in these types of tents. Granted while cooking I did not ventilate the tent which was most likely a contributing factor. There were no drips inside but there was just a small layer of moisture present. The only possible issue I found was the wings on the back side of the tent, where they do not tighten all the way when pegged out and droop somewhat. It's not a deal breaker but I wish I could get, a little more taunt. I know there was some bad press initially on this tent but the issues have been rectified and it is a very packable tent, Maybe not by backpacking standards but doable.

Check out my YouTube Channel BlueSea Bushcraft & Outdoors and watch a review on my tent and my first camp out

Happy Camping




Thank you for your product! Everything is OK. I will recommend you to my friends.
Best regards,


Hello, yes, I have already used a tent and a stove.
I like everything.
What can be improved - the locks on the tent bite the fabric and jam. Also, the tent lacks a ventilation window from above. Sometimes the smoke from the stove gets into the tent and cannot leave from above.
The ventilation window on the side opens only completely, I would like to smoothly adjust the ventilation.


I received my Stovehut 70 in September 2022 and couldn't be happier with it.
I tried the tent on two backpacking sunny weekends, with low winds so it still needs to perform in harsh weather but the build quality, comfort of use and packing were really nice. Porch mode is a blast really and i can't wait to take this one in the Pyrenean snow with my TBrick mini.

For modifications, I would change the pegs for Y stakes as the sheperd hook ones are not that strong for hard soil. But they are definitely higher grade than most and overall fine in terms of durability and weight.
I also think getting the floor mat for the tent is important, it was not out when i ordered the tent and it seems like it should be built in.

I also have to salute the incredible Pomoly customer service, not only they helped me select what gear was best for me, but they also followed along until i got my parcel (from US to France). Communication was easy even with the time difference and no email from me was left unanswered. I couldn't be happier with this support.

Thanks Pomoly for the great gear, I will order new stuff soon (like the tent floor thingy)!


Just went camping with this unit in heavy raim and wind. No water got in anywhere we were dry. Great tent, extremely light, very easy to setup. I will be recommending for anybody.
I have a 5 day elk hunt coming up in negative 20 celsius and this is the tent I am bringing.


Thank you for your quick delivery and accurate shipment. I hope the cold winter season will come soon. Thanks.


Really good design!Test with heavy rain without leakage!


Meine Frau und ich haben uns die neue 2022er Version gekauft, durch das neue belüftungsdesign erwarten wir uns keine Probleme bei Regen. Langzeitgedächtnis steht aber noch aus.
Was uns ein wenig stört ist das es das Zelt nur in einer Farbe gibt,es wäre toll wenn es das Zelt auch in oliv,braun oder Camouflage geben würde.
Würden uns das Zelt immer wieder kaufen da es für 2 Personen sehr geräumig ist und was für uns am wichtigsten ist,das es einen zeltboden besitzt.
Natürlich Punktet es auch das es komplett mit einem Moskitonetz ausgestattet ist und für einen zeltofen zu gebrauchen ist.
Alles in allem sind wir glücklich das wir uns für dieses Zelt entschieden haben.


Version 2.0

Used in a thunderstorm and did not leak a single drop.
Condensation was soaking the tent fabric though.
I wish the floor was a little bit thicker so that I don't have to use a footprint separately.

Overall, a very handsome tent and I enjoyed using it.
Would recommend to anyone.


Hi, the travel tents are very beautiful. If we were not under sanctions, I would have bought one. I just wanted to say that you are great. Good luck.


Version 2.0.

Recently used it in a thunderstorm. Didn't leak a single drop.
Condensation got the tent pretty saturated though.

I just wish the floor was a little bit thicker so that I don't have to use a separate footprint.

Overall, I enjoyed using it.

Here's a video.


So far very good and satisfied. Even without tent poles.


The service and speed is what you would expect from a great company like pomoly


Hi, received tent olive color (which I hate) and not yellow!!!

Bonjour, reçu tente couleur olive (que je déteste) et non jaune !!!

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