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1 Person Hot Tent with Stove Jack, Pomoly HEX Solo VS FireHiking 1 Man Hot Tent

Mar 17, 2021
With the popularity of hot tent camping in recent years, many hot tent products and hot tent brands have been launched in the market. For the two brands of Pomoly HEX Solo hot tent and FireHiking 1 man hot tent, which single hot tent is more popular among camping enthusiasts? Next, let's compare these two tents.

Pomoly HEX Solo hot tent uses 300D Oxford cloth with silver coating. This material is stronger than ordinary tent materials. In addition, HEX Solo has a removable top cap. This design is very valuable. Because if you burn a wood stove or cook food in the tent, the removable top cap can ensure that the smoke can be emitted in time without gathering inside the tent. In addition, the design of two doors also makes this tent have a good ventilation performance.

FireHiking 1 man thermal tent uses 180T polyester taffeta material. This material is cheaper and lighter, weighing only 5.18 pounds, suitable for hiking and camping enthusiasts. In addition, in order to allow buyers to feel more comfortable when they use that, FireHiking is equipped with a half inner tent. In this way, users can use the stove in half of the space and sleep in the other half of the space.