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Hot Tent with Stove Jack For Sale

Mar 16, 2021

If you are looking for a hot tent that suits you, please don't miss the hot tent with a stove jack. POMOLY of a variety of hot tents is for sale. There are many hot tent brands with stove jack on the market, such as Luxe, Onetigris, pomoly, etc. As a latecomer, Pomoly's refined operating brand has launched very promising tent products for the hot tent market.

HEX Hot Tent Series

HEX solo is a hot tent for single camping. If you like to go camping alone, this product is perfect for you.

HEX hot tent is the most classic Pomoly product. It is equipped with a half-inner tent and a stove jack opening, which allows you to use the wood stove for cooking or heating in half of the tent space while resting and sleeping in another half of the tent space.

HEX Plus is an enlarged version of the HEX tent. This product is more suitable for hot tent camping with 3-6 people. The entire HEX product is made of Pomoly's very distinctive 300D Oxford cloth with a silver coating. This fabric is stronger and can be used safely for longer periods of time.

HEX Plus Camping Hot Tent

YARN Hot Tent Series

YARN hot tent is a product for 1-2 people. Campers will feel very comfortable when using this product.

YARN Plus is an enlarged version of the YARN tent. 3-6 people can sleep in this tent.

The YARN product series uniformly use a specific proportion of cotton fabric. This material has a softer experience and better breathability.