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Titanium Folding Stove (10)

  • HIGH TEMPERATURE RESISTANT TRANSPARENT GLASSES - The T1 PERSPECTIVE stove has a large area of transparent glass on one side compared with T1 FLAME. The glass on the front door allows campers to see the amount of firewood left inside the stove, while the fire-resistant glass on the side allows campers to watch and appreciate the beating flames generated by the burning firewood.
  • DESIGN OF FOLDING STOVE BODY - We see that the traditional wood stove is not portable, so we design and produce the T1 series titanium stoves based on the folding goal. After taking off the top cover of the stove, the front, back, left and right side walls of the stove can be folded to the center, thus greatly reducing the stove storage space.
  • 1 MM THICK TITANIUM PLATE - T1 PERSPECTIVE stove is one of the classic Pomoly stoves. Compared with 0.6mm titanium plate, the T1 series stove made of thickened titanium plate is more solid and stable. At the same time, this upgrade reduces the deformation of titanium stove after burning.
  • DETAILS TO REDUCE DEFORMATION - Pomoly stoves have undergone many field tests. In previous experiments, we spent a lot of time to study how to reduce its deformation after burning. Now we add three welded titanium bars at the bottom and top of the stove, and we also upgraded some other details.
  • CHIMNEY WITH THERMAL MEMORY - Titanium stovepipe has thermal memory after being first burnt. When you unfold a short titanium stovepipe, you can get a long stovepipe. After burning it for the first time, the metal's thermal memory makes it easier to set it up in your later camping trips.
  • Please notice: This titanium stove is made of thinner titanium sheets to make it lighter and more portable. Therefore, it may have slight deformation after burning. Please note this is a normal situation, not a quality problem. Slight deformation will not affect the product use. Thank you.

If you are looking for a tent stove for camping, Pomoly can provide you with a variety of tent wood stoves, made of pure titanium, belonging to titanium wood stoves, including T-BRICKT1 StoveT1 MiniTIMBERTIMBER WolfT1 Woods Night and other tent stove series. Free shipping for our tent stoves worldwide. Pomoly’s camping wood stove is very suitable for winter use. It is a portable wood stove to meet the needs of different scenarios, including camping, backpacking, hunting, or ice fishing.

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