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Home>Hot Tents>HUSSAR Series>HUSSAR Plus>HUSSAR Plus 2.0 Camping Hot Tent | Tipi Tent with Stove Jack | POMOLY New Arrival
HUSSAR Plus 2.0 Camping Hot Tent | Tipi Tent with Stove Jack | POMOLY New Arrival

HUSSAR Plus 2.0 Camping Hot Tent | Tipi Tent with Stove Jack | POMOLY New Arrival

US$ 249.00
Deep Taupe Green
Half Inner Tent
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HUSSAR Plus 2.0 Camping Hot Tent | Tipi Tent with Stove Jack | POMOLY New Arrival
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Customer Reviews



I want to buy the Hussar 2 with half inner tent but I cannot get it in EU.
Service:Hi, Do you want to order HUSSAR 20 or HUSSAR Plus? The half inner tent for the HUSSAR Plus is out of stock and it currently has no plans to restock it.We currently do not have a distributor in the EU, you can order it from our official website.


Out of the box we were excited with this package. Not too heavy (the sturdy pole and pegs are hefty) and reasonable size for short carry. Most impressed with the height, space and openness for us as a couple. Combined with stove we will extend our camping into cooler, wetter conditions.


I have to give this tent a huge 10/10. A very spacious 2 man tent. The inner is so simple to put up and can easily fit 3 adults in at 6ft2. The tent is so simple to put up that anyone can use this tent. The space is vast inside meaning plenty of room for your wood burner, belongings and wood pile.
The outer of the tent yet again is outstanding quality. The tie down points are thick and strong. Pegs are strong and solid too which is a must in the windy conditions. The coating of the tent repels water and doesn’t have any ingress with all points taped sealed. I recommend this tent.


Great tent. I have used it 6 times in the 2 months since I got it.
Two items you need to consider for improvement. First, a more coarse zipper would be better even though it may not be as waterproof as the fine one used is difficult to handle with gloves or mitts on. And, it should not go all the way up but curve back at the top like other tipi tents I have seen and it should have dual zippers to allow opening at the top while keeping the bottom zipped (dual action).
The other issue is the inner screen tent needs to be removable while keeping the bathtub floor. It is much too restrictive inside even with the zipper door fully open. This can be done by installing short little poles in each corner of the bathtub floor to keep the sides of the bathtub up to keep any water out. I hope this helps.


I just came back from a camping trip and I'm glad I bought this tent. I love this Deep Taupe color, great for wild camping. We had high winds and I had no problem with this tent holding up and intact, I had a really good night's sleep. There was enough room for some gear. It was perfect. So light weight. Easy to put back into bag. Can't wait to take it out again.

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