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6 Tips for living in a hot tent for camping

May 22, 2020

Compared with the traditional hot tent for sale, the popular hot tent now has more perfect structure and functions, we can cook directly in a hot tent tipi. So what should we pay attention to in the process of camping with hot tipis? We have listed six tips to help you and the novice campers who are using hot tents for the first time.

The choice of the camping place to set up the tent with stove jack. 

We should try to choose the flat terrain as much as possible. Because we need to lay the camping tent stove flat. If the tent stove pipe is slant, there will be a potential danger. Therefore, when setting up the camping teepee tent, we should choose the flat ground as much as possible, and we must not set up a tent with stove jack where there is a slope, otherwise, there may be a risk of sliding down the slope.

The hot tent should be set up stably. 

When building a tipi hot tent, we should pay attention to strictly follow the building standards, the pegs and the wind rope are 90 degrees, and we should choose different pegs and building methods according to the terrain. Prevent the camping hot tent from shaking or even being blown down when the wind is strong.

Safe distance between tent stove and winter tent with stove. 

We must pay attention to keeping the distance between the tent wood stove pipe and the stove jack of the camping tent with stove when setting up the wood-burning stove in the hot tent. Because the high-temperature gas is discharged through the stovepipe, and the temperature of the hot tent stove is as high as several hundred degrees, too close to it may cause the tent fabric near the stove jack to be burnt by high temperature, which will affect our camping experience and also have certain safety risks.

Note the concentration of carbon monoxide in the tipi tent. 

When we enjoy the convenience brought by the wood burning stove in the hot tent, we must also pay attention to the carbon monoxide produced by the firewood. When we cook, we should pay attention to the open winter hot tent to ensure ventilation and air circulation. For safety reasons, we can also bring a carbon monoxide detector with an alarm to monitor the concentration of carbon monoxide, and react in time when it is too high.

Check camping gears. 

For a better camping experience, camping gears should be fully carried. In addition to hot tents, sleeping bags, and backpacks, we also need to pay attention to carrying fire tools: such as windproof lighters, magnesium rod, and so on. Lighting tools: flashlights, camp lights (preferably with solar energy, to prevent dead electricity), etc. Camping cookware, first-aid kit, and compasses cannot be ignored.

Familiar with the hot tent in advance.

Before starting hot tent camping, campers should be familiar with the operation methods and precautions of hot tents to avoid damage to the shelter by improper operation. 

The above are some hot tent camping tips that I have summarized when using a teepee tent for camping. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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