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Home>Hot Tents>Circle Series>Circle 6>【Pre Order】Circle 6 | Outdoor Hot Tent | Bell-Shaped Camping Hot Tent POMOLY New Arrival 2024
【Pre Order】Circle 6 | Outdoor Hot Tent | Bell-Shaped Camping Hot Tent POMOLY New Arrival 2024

【Pre Order】Circle 6 | Outdoor Hot Tent | Bell-Shaped Camping Hot Tent POMOLY New Arrival 2024

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Inner Tent
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Fireproof Ground Sheet (Stove Area)
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【Pre Order】Circle 6 | Outdoor Hot Tent | Bell-Shaped Camping Hot Tent POMOLY New Arrival 2024
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Customer Reviews



Nice roomy tent easy set up. Used a few times this winter. Would recommend the tent . Bought the Dweller Max 2.0 stove as well to use and kept the tent cozy warm


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Very good tent, very stable in bad winds and rain. My only gripe is the top circle I'm my opinion is a little too large. Which is very difficult to get in position. The tent fabric and the circle feels like one will fail due to the oversized circle. I cut 5mm off my circle at end. Had helped a little. Otherwise great product.


I love this tent but it has a problem. The inner “circle” that needs to be setup is EXTREMELY difficult to put into position. I finally flipped the tent upside down and put that in first before setup and it worked better but the circle needs to be smaller, I bent mine in 2 places. Overall it’s great I’d give it 5 stars if it wasn’t for that.


Used this tent last weekend in a pretty serious storm, it rained about 3-4 inches in a matter of 12 hours or so. This tent held up and kept us bone dry, very spacious and not hard to set up all considered. Temps where in the 40s and didn't use a cot just the liner and sleeping pads stayed nice and warm the whole time no complaints. Looking forward to a real winter night, this is a quality with a solid design.


I bought the circle 6 tent for an elk hunt in Utah. We set up at about 9000 feet elevation. We got snow the first few days and sun the rest. With Temps at about 20 degrees Fahrenheit at night. We had 2 guys on full size cots and a full size camp chef wood stove in the tent. The wood stove kept the tent really warm even on the coldest night. The tent was set up for 6 days straight with snow and ice on it at times and never leaked a drop. Over all very pleased with the setup.


Nice spacious tent and it is absolutely amazing. Looking forward to using it in the winter with a stove.


It only took 4 days to arrive in the United States, amazing delivery speed, I have to give it a thumbs up. Unique design, spacious space, can’t wait to take my new Circle 6 tent on a camping trip.


Arrived in Ireland in Just under a week. Really looking forward to this weekend camping.


Just got my Circle 6, however i got a green one not the brown (like in the picture) but anyway, I’m excited to use this on the weekend.


The color is perfect for blending into nature, and it looks like a nice tent. But it doesn’t come with an instruction manual, so it’s a bit difficult to set up. It would be better if it came with the instructions.

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