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How to choose the best camping wood stove for your hot tent ?

May 18, 2020

Camping in the wild, the tent wood stove and the tent are undoubtedly the best partner. The tent provides a perfect shelter and can withstand wind and rain; and the tent stove has become an indispensable outdoor equipment in cold weather. The use of tent wood stoves is varied, heating is the most basic function, such as cooking, boiling water, making coffee, making a delicious steak or pasta, and so on. Among many hot tent stoves, how to choose a best camping wood stove for your hot tent?

From several aspects:


First of all, we need to confirm whether your tent is suitable for use with the wood stove.

The camping tent needs to have a hot tent wood stove jack, which is the most basic. Secondly, we must consider whether the titanium stove jack of the tent is resistant to high temperature, because the temperature of the stovepipe wall can reach 400 degrees or even higher during the burning of the tent stove. Many people ignore this and cause the hot tent to be burned out and cannot be used any longer. This is very dangerous in winter. At present, there are many tents with high temperature titanium tent stove jack on the market, and even some tents have fireproof stove jack. We can ask the merchants for specific information before buying tent with stove jack.

hot tent stove jack


1. The size and weight of the stove.

When choosing a camping stove, we need to consider the size and weight of the titanium wood stove, depending on whether you choose to car camping or backpacking camping. For car camping, we only need to put the stove in the trunk. For backpacking camping, we need to choose a relatively portable and lightweight stove, which can greatly save the backpack space and physical strength. Portability and practicality are undoubtedly the top concerns of campers and explorers.


2. The material of hot tent stove. 

At present, most hot tent stoves on the market are made of stainless steel 304, iron, titanium. The rust resistance of stainless steel are one of its great advantages and are more beautiful after polishing processing. Layers on the surface of iron stoves fall off easily at high temperatures, Long-term use in contact with water can lead to rust and corrosion, but the advantage of iron tent stove is cheap. The advantage of titanium portable wood stove is that it is never rusty or corroded, and titanium portable wood stoves are lighter and easier to carry than stainless steel and iron.


3. the intake and chimney damper of the camping wood stove

In addition, the intake and chimney damper of the tent wood stove are two very important parts. The adjustment of intake and chimney damper can control the burning rate of the wood stove very well and can be adjusted at any time under different conditions. But many wood burning stoves currently on the market don’t have chimney damper, and novice campers will not notice this detail. The lack of this part will cause the wood to burn too fast inside the camping tent stove. I don't think you want to keep adding firewood until daylight.


4. The sealing of tent stove is also an issue to consider. 

There isn’t a 100% sealed tent wood stove in the world, so we should ask the merchants this important question in advance when choosing a tent wood stove. When we use a wood burning stove inside the tent, we need to keep the air circulation of the tent even in cold winter, or use a carbon monoxide detector to avoid smoke leakage and poisoning while sleeping.


5. The assembled or spliced wood stove.

It is well known that after we have used the portable wood stove for a long time, a lot of embers will adhere to the inside of the hot tent stove and its walls as well as the inside of the furnace tube. The accumulated embers not only increase the weight of the stove, but also decrease the effective diameter of the tube, which results in reduced heat transfer efficiency of the stove, so we can choose a easily cleanable stove, such as an assembled or spliced one. Cleaning of stove pipes has always been a troublesome matter, we need to use a round brush to reach into the stove pipes for cleaning, but the titanium coiled stove pipe can solve this problem very well, because the titanium tent stove pipe can be laid flat as a piece of titanium foil and can be flushed directly with a brush, which is impossible for stainless steel stove pipes.


After we clean the inside of the wood stove, if the drying process isn't done properly, rust and corrosion will occur at the dead ends of the portable tent stove. Even stainless steel materials will rust, and titanium stoves can cope well with this situation because of the corrosion resistance and never rust characteristics of titanium. 


In summary

These are the points to pay attention to when choosing a tent wood stove.

If you can do a good cleaning after using the tent stove or your budget is limited, then you can choose an iron tent stove, which is a suitable choice in the short term.

If you like car camping, there are no strict requirements for size and weight, and stainless steel tent stoves can basically meet your needs.

If you like backpacking camping or bushcraft and want to choose a portable tent wood burning stove, then the titanium tent stove is your best choice.


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