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Home>All>T-BRICK | Portable Titanium Wood Stove for Hot Tent Camping | POMOLY 2021 New Series
T-BRICK | Portable Titanium Wood Stove for Hot Tent Camping | POMOLY 2021 New Series

T-BRICK | Portable Titanium Wood Stove for Hot Tent Camping | POMOLY 2021 New Series

US$ 525.00
1(2) Stove Pipe Length
6.56ft / 2m 9.84ft / 3m
2(2) Titanium Side Shelves
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3(3) Titanium Campfire Grill
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  • Detail
    • Product Name: T-BRICK | Portable Titanium Wood Stove for Hot Tent Camping | POMOLY 2021 New Series
    • Item NO.: PM005
    • Weight: 3.4 kg = 7.4957 lb = 119.9315 oz
    • Category: All
    • Tag: stove , tent stove , t-brick
    • Brand: POMOLY
    • Creation Time: 2021-05-13
    • 【New Titanium Spark Arrestor】Ultralight design, the protruding part is used to absorb sparks.
    • 【Side Air Intake Side Panel】 To make the wood fully burn, maximum combustion efficiency.
    • 【Octagonal Glass Side Panel】 Provide internal lighting for the tent and observe the stove burning situation.
    • 【Three-Dimensional Strengthening Stove Body】 Enhance the rigidity of the stove and minimize deformation.
    • 【Three-Dimensional Reinforced Top Cover】 Strengthen the rigidity of the top cover and further reduce the deformation of the top.
    • 【Titanium Detachable Baffle】 Increase the maximum heat output of stove.
    • 【Lengthened Front Door Air Intake】 Increase the air intake by 15%.

    titanium wood stove

    Hi, This is T-BRICK.

    Our strongest titanium stove yet.

    Overall 1mm thickness pure titanium

    New titanium spark arrestor

    Titanium detachable baffle

    Adjustable and detachable damper

    Three-Dimensional reinforced structure top
    Side air intake side panel

    Free switching side panels
     Unique octagonal glass side panel
    Strengthening stove body
    Lengthened front door air intake

    Ultralight titanium side shelves

    Hollow whole plate folding stove legs

    The Best way to roll up titanium chimney:

    titanium tent stove

    New ultralight titanium spark arrestor

    Comes with wind rope fixing ring

    Overall TA1 1mm thickness pure titanium

    Baffle and Inner panel of intake side panel (0.6mm)

    Side panel air intake

    Maximum combustion efficiency

    Three-Dimensional strengthening whole stove body

    Enhance the rigidity of the stove and minimize deformation

    Hollow whole laser cutting plate folding stove legs

    Non touch welding structure, enhance stability

    Titanium detachable baffle

    Increase the maximum heat output of stove

    Lengthened front door air intake

    Increase the air intake by 15%.

    Surface polishing treatment
    Improves fatigue resistance of metal

    Octagonal glass side panel
    Observe the burning situation

    Adjustable and detachable damper
    Control the intensity of the wood burning

    Adjustable sliding air intake Control
    Control wood burning rate

    Folding and panel design
    Portable design

    Stove Type Lightweight Titanium tent Stove
    Carrying Weight(Without chimney) 6.6 lb / 3 kg
    Folding Dimension 15.4 x 7.9 x 3.2 in (39 x 20 x 8 cm)
    Stove Body Dimension 15.4 x 7.9 x 7.1 in (39 x 20 x 18 cm)
    Assembly Dimension 15.4 x 7.9 x 11.2 in (39 x 20 x 28.5 cm)
    Side Glass Size 11.4 x 3.9 in (29 x 10 cm)
    Pipe Length (Storage) 9.5 in / 24 cm
    Pipe Length 6.56ft / 2m or 9.84ft / 3m
    Pipe Diameter 2.36 in / 6 cm
    Spark Arrestor Yes
    Material 1mm Thickness Titanium (GR1/TA1)
    Firebox Volume 14L

    tent wood stove

    fastfold titanium stove


    T-BRICK Stove

    Titanium chimney

    YKK-Zipper stove bag

    Smoke damper

    Spark arrestor with 3 rings

    Cut resistant gloves

    Detachable baffle

    *Tools (titanium screw and wrench)


    40g / 1.4oz Ultralight spark arrestor, Sandblasted surface treatment. 

    Three detachable rings for wind ropes fixing.

    Reduce the hollow area, the convex is good for catching sparks.


    The three-dimensional hollowed-out reinforced plate minimizes the deformation of the top cover.

    Reduce the direct contact between the flame and the top central area to avoid 

    local high temperature and local low temperature, resulting in uneven heating of the top cover. 

    After testing, the reinforcing plate can not only strengthen the top cover, but also maximize the heating range of the top cover.

    titanium stove


    The detachable baffle can maximize the burning heat efficiency of the wood.

    The air enters the stove through the side air intake panel, which can allow the smoke generated by the 

    burning wood to be reburnt, the heat can be concentrated inside the stove to increase the 

    temperature of the stove. At the same time, there will be less smoke from burning wood.


    Under the condition of ensuring light weight and portability, T-BRICK adopts 

    a double-row three-dimensional reinforced bottom plate. The 25 welding points minimize the 

    deformation of the furnace after burning. 12 hollow octagons can enhance the heat dissipation effect.


    T-BRICK legs are made of a whole piece of titanium plate, which has a stronger bearing structure. 

    The raised design in the middle of the stove legs are suitable for uneven ground.

    t brick stove


    Compared with the T1 series, the side panels of T-BRICK can be switched freely. 

    Inside the tent, we can face the glass side panel and observe the burning of the wood. 

    The glass side panel also provides light in your hot tent.

    t brick stove


    The door of the T-BRICK stove was widened and heightened so that large pieces of wood to enter the stove easily. 

    The edge of the door was 90-degree folded and 360-degree folded processing. The 90-degree edge can strengthen 

    the structure of the door frame, and the 360-degree folding can keep the door frame flat with the bottom of the stove. 

    We can use the ashes rake to remove the ashes after burning.

    pomoly stove

    The reinforcing plate of the tail plate can ensure that the tail plate will not be deformed.


    The lock catch on the T-BRICK Stove was designed so that side shelves can be used with it. 

    When used with the side shelves, it can also enhance the stability of the stove.


    T-BRICK stove has a door with a slidable air intake and an octagonal glass, so that you can fine-tune the burn rate. 

    The area of the air intake was increased by 15%, which allows the stove to heat up the tent in a very short time in the cold winter.

    titanium tent stove


    The new designed stove bag is more durable, with YKK zipper, more portable.

    fastfold titanium stove

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T-BRICK | Portable Titanium Wood Stove for Hot Tent Camping | POMOLY 2021 New Series
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Customer Reviews



Awesome stove, works 100%. I burned it in when it was -9 out :P I wish I didn't get the 9ft pipe 6ft is all thats needed.


I bought this stove with the extra side shelves. I've used it twice and it's worked a charm both times. Incredible product with super high quality.

I chose the standard size in the T-Brick family and it's the perfect size for me when both solo camping, and with one more person. The side shelves really helped with drying out gloves and pieces of wood. They also eased the placing of pots and pans after cooking.

All I have to say is that this is a great product, 10 out of 10!


Great stove. Not a fan of the double wall side with holes as it allows air in and you can't control it. I requested a 2nd glass side and gained more heat and a way longer burn time. The issue with the side vent is when you close your air vent it just sucks air threw the side holes and burns wood crazy fast. I recommend this stove but only with 2 glass sides and no vented side.

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